Sports Injury and Your Chiropractor

by Broughton Grange & Guilsborough (Kettering) based Chiropractor Fiona MacRae

The most common causes of sports injuries are trauma or repetitive motions.

Injuries may damage any of the body tissues, and repetitive motions can cause tendonitis and muscle damage. Tendons attach muscles to bone and any “soft tissue” injuries however caused can result in the skeleton being put under undue stress. Once the skeleton is misaligned, the soft tissues try to compensate, often leading to further imbalance. Muscular pain and tension caused by injuries can cause postural changes which can quickly worsen the condition.

The McTimoney Chiropractic treatment can help realign and rebalance the body to relieve pain and discomfort and it can help to increase mobility. When the skeleton is correctly aligned, the body is best placed to take its weight, so reducing the likelihood of further strain, pain and injury.

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What My Clients Say

I am an animal McTimoney practitioner and my job includes some heavy lifting. I met Fiona around 12 years ago and I can honestly say that I would not be still doing my job had it not been for her treatments. I have suffered injuries and stresses to my muscular -skeletal system over many years and always my first port of call is Fiona. She is so highly qualified and experienced and seems to just know exactly how to help me. There is just no need to suffer with pain, 1 or 2 treatments with Fiona and I am bouncing around again. Do not hesitate for a moment - just give her a call.
EO Wellingborough, Northants

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