About Fiona MacRae, Kettering (Northamptonshire) Chiropractor

I graduated from the McTimoney Chiropractic College in Oxford in December 1995. Since then my skills and I have grown and developed into a happy, well respected and thriving practice. I love every day I am at work, for which I feel truly fortunate.

I have many interests, chiefly my horses. Motorbikes and cars are my other passions though I don't pursue any of these sports quite as recklessly as I once did!.

Being in pain or experiencing any kind of discomfort is usually deeply unpleasant. I do understand that most people initially come to see me out of desperation, having been failed elsewhere. I will always try to make their experience with me as positive as possible. My aim is that my clients leave, more comfortable than they arrived and, where possible, with a greater understanding of how their problem can be resolved and managed.

I work closely with a great team, including remedial masseuses, pilates instructors and podiatrists, all of whom provide a symbiotic service with my treatments. I have a lovely, supportive network of colleagues, friends and of course family, for whom I am very thankful. 

There is still lots left to do in my life. One of the requirements of registration with the general chiropractic council is the fulfilment of what is termed continuing professional development. Each year I am always excited to find new methods and techniques of practice and also to develop better understanding of other modalities.

If you are near Broughton Grange or Guilsborough (Kettering) in Northamptonshire and require the services of an experienced chiropractor, please don't hesitate to contact me. You can be certain I will do my very best to help you.


What My Clients Say

My whole family is treated by Fiona. Both children as they went thru growth spurts, riding falls/squashes and sports injuries. My husband and I have also received regular treatment and headaches, arthritis and mobility are all the better for seeing Fiona!
SR Oundle Peterborough

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